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Age Insider - Existential Biker

Louisa Swaden is the worlds fastest granma, at the age of 51 she has taken to riding high-speed motorbikes for land speed records. She has flown all over for her quests on two wheels with her recent trip taking her to Bonneville. This is a short video about her passion for bikes and how she was getting on down at Pendine Sands where this was filmed.

Age Insider - Fifty over 50

A interveiw with a skateboarding ledgend within the UK, Ally Barr has been on boards longer than most of us have been alive and he talks about the changes that have happened in the sport over this time, and how himself and his friends from the 70s still meet up and ride to this day. 

Volhours - Risca Sports Center

This app allows volunteers to track there time far easier than the old timesheets, it’s all been built for charities to keep track of what’s happening with there volunteers far easier. This short video on Risca shows the impact it has had on its volunteers and what they think of using this app. 

Age Insider - Free Spirit

A short interveiw made for Age/Insider about Nick Jenkins, a local photographer in South Wales. He has been taking images for a very very long time and is passing on this knowledge in short workshops he runs. This is a quick insight into what makes him go out and do this and a few stories from some of his more memrialb moments

Hogtoberfest - 2019

Event video for Hogtoberfest in London, this is a longboarding event with a bunch of different styles of skating. This video was split into sections to show them each separately plus the mayhem of the campsite. A really good insight into what this event is all about!

Rookie Skates - Winter Showcase

Rookie skates asked me to create a winter promotional video for the new lineup of skates. This is one of those projects filmed in a day in Bristol with a group of very talented skaters. Everything in this was planned and directed by them Shiner. All filming and editing was done by myself.

Slide Perfect - Storm Drain

A promotional video made for Slide Perfect to advertise their 2019 line of longboard wheels designed specifically for freestyle and dancing.

Slide Perfect - Gran Canaria

30 sets of wheels + 1 island full of hills = 4 days of crazy skating! This skate trip was one of the crazier trips I’ve had the opportunity to film. This 6-minute edit was created to showcase; the beauty of the island, the passion and skill of the local riders and the quality and performance you can achieve with Slide Perfect’s 2019 range.

Dominator - Sniper Complete

An example of more structured shoots I’ve filmed and directed. Designed to showcase the true usability of a complete stunt scooter by Dominator.
High-speed tricks require a lot of repeat takes to get the best footage.

Street Sledge - Exeter Carpark

A promotional video filmed for the street sledge to create ‘hype’ and anticipation for the product’s release. This shoot was incredibly fun and was filmed in a multi-storey carpark in the middle of Exeter. 8 mini luges travelling at speed around tight corners was chaotic to film at times but the end product succeeded in demonstrating how much fun a Street Sledge can be!

Slide Perfect - Alpenrauschen 2019

Fast skating down a huge mountain in Austria. Showcasing the latest downhill wheels and the places they can take you. With all the team riders having a blast at this pre season event! 

Slide Perfect - Sheepy

Quick raw run (Car mounted camera and driven close to the skater in front) of sheepy with Finbarr and myself skating at 30-40mph down the crazy little road. This is a stunning landscape and a classic skate spot in this scene.

Driving – Ry

Street Sledge - Exmouth Demo Day

Short video showing the use of Street Sledges down a small national trust path in Exmouth. Perfect mini race track for kids to spend the day and have fun on. Fantastic day our and hope to do this again soon.  

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